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Compensación: AR$42,000 per month plus Room, board, travel, access to private transportation
tipo de empleo: tiempo completo

Please read the specific requirements of the position, as well as the requirements for candidacy before submitting your response. Only properly completed submissions in which we have interest will be responded to.

We are seeking a FULL TIME, LIVE IN "CARETAKER/FAMILY/HOME MANAGER" for a family consisting of a very devoted single father and his 3 children. There are 2 girls ages 16 and 13 and a boy 11. The incumbent will be leaving the position on January 15, 2019 and we are seeking her replacement.

Your responsibilities:
1. You will manage and oversee the day-to-day activities of the family, arranging schedules and insuring that all appointments and obligations are met.
2. You will assist with the housekeeper, although not be directly responsible for it. There is a housekeeper/cook.
3. You will insure that all household supplies including food stuffs are properly stocked and purchased.
4. You will supervise the health care needs of the family unit.
5. You will manage the physical home and insure that any repairs are attended to by licensed professionals.
6. You will work within the household budget, and advise the HOH of any discrepancies or changes needed.
7. You will accompany the children to their schools, activities, doctor appointments, etc., and on their return whenever possible (transportation provided)
8. You will assist the children with their studies and other responsibilities insuring that they are completed.
9. While not obligated to participate as such, you will be treated as a memeber of the family not a servant and you will travel with the family when possible.

The family is of foreign origin and fluent in several languages. It is an ABSOLUTE that you speak native or native level English and Spanish for this position.

The family residence is located in a respected building in Plaza San Martin and is "piso completo" consisting of a total of 9 rooms, with patio/garden, and private elevator. The building is secure, and you will be provided with your own en-suite bedroom, fully equipped and furnished.

1. Must be female between the ages of 21 and 30.
2. Must be willing to sign a binding contract for a term of at least 2 years.
3. Must speak absolutely fluent English and Castellano at a native level.
4. Must submit a detailed CV including at least 3 personal and 3 professional references
5. Must be able to be comfortable in all social environments from fast food to black tie dinners
6. Must be sociable and outgoing, and able to "manage" and guide adolescents (as well as the adult!)
7. Must have a clear public record background and able to pass a FBI conducted background check
8. Must be in good physical health and condition (a full medical examination will be part of the interview process)
10. Must submit at least 3 photos with postulation for candidacy.
11. Must include a detailed letter of presentation as to why you believe you are "the one" for this position, and what methodologies you will employ to manage both the home and the family.
12. Please include information regarding areas you have travelled to and whether or not you possess a valid U.S. Visa (or have had one in the past) if not a U.S. Citizen. If you have, or have had a U.S. Government security clearance, please note same with category and classification in your cover letter.
13. Candidates with previous nanny, caretaker/health care knowledge and experience will be given preference.

Your work schedule will afford you reasonable time off and fixed hours and days. Singles preferred, however we will not immediately rule out single mothers. (If you are a single mother applying, please state age/gender of your child in your cover letter)

  • Solo empresas. Si eres un intermediario, por favor, no contactes al anunciante.
  • NO contactar con nos para servicios u ofertas no solicitados

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