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Take advantage of the Argentine devaluation, get yourwebsite AR domain (argentina)

Compensación: 8 american dollars per month (paying 12 months)

Take advantage of the Argentine devaluation, get your website with the Argentine domain (*yourwebsite .ar) or (*yourwebsite .com .ar) (ask for others)

Do you need web visibility for your small business or a company that will be based in Argentina? or you just like the ending .ar or .com .ar (ask for others)

We know how complicated the beginnings are. That's why the first year we bring you the essentials of your website to make it easier for you to get started. and don't worry about anything

Domain, hosting, mail, SSL. (🔒https : // www .) We are specialists in web design

The web design includes: Control panel, You can access the WordPress control panel to manage your page.

Contact Form: We include a contact form whose messages will reach your email or the personalized email that you prefer (example @ yoursite .com .ar)

Blog: The web includes the option to create a blog that you can manage from the panel so that you can publish the content you want.

Stock Images: We use the highest quality stock images to illustrate your website.

Management panel: You can manage the content from the WordPress editor.

Links to social networks: Your website linked to your social networks.

What is the cost of the service? only $8 US dollars per month (paying 12 months)
(take advantage of the Argentine devaluation)

Are you interested? This is the step by step process.

1) Collection of information:
Tell us about your project so we can advise you. In this way we will specify what information and content we need you to provide us to create the web.

2) We present you the demo:
With your idea and the material that you have provided us, we will make a sketch of what the final result would be so that you can give us the go-ahead.

3) We started to create the web:
We begin to work on the web that we will finish within 3 business days from the OK to the sketch.

4) Web delivery:
We give you the operational website and the access data so that you can manage it.
  • puedes contactar al dueño del anuncio con servicios o intereses comerciales

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