Compensación: USD 15 per hour
tipo de empleo: opción del empleado

Hola! I´m Luciano and I´m a Spanish tutor. I have been in the field for more than nine years and I´ve worked in various schools in BA, foreign embassies and as a private teacher both here and in Berlín. I teach one-to-one and small groups. All the classes have a communicative approach. I have grammar books, games and all sorts of material that I´ve curated over the years, but the classes are completely personalized; they depend on the student´s objectives, interests and background.

Having had lot´s of great feedback over the years and having made friends from all over the world, I decided to start this personal project. Right now I teach at a foreign embassy in BA and also teach private in my studio or at the student´s place (there´s a small extra fee in that case). I studied philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and I have a strong interest in the humanities, politics and the arts. Depending on the student, I use material related to the topics he/she is interested in, such as short stories, newspaper articles, movies and series, songs, etc. I sometimes like to do trips to the museum or special places I consider will be relevant and creative for the process of learning.

In my opinion learning is not about memorizing conjugation tables or vocabulary. It´s an organic process and a back and forward between the teacher and the student which I take very seriously. Learning a language is one of the most mind opening things one can do. It touches the whole person, and it also includes both an adaptation and a further expansion of one´s grasp on the world.

I usually do a 30 minute free class to both asses the level of the student and to get to know his/her objectives. From there I can design the best possible plan for the situation. In any case, since the classes are much cheaper than a school (with no registration fee and all the material included in the price) the student can add/rearrange classes during his/her stay in BA.

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