₱9500 1 private room in recycled PH Almagro


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sin baño privado
Habit priv
apartamento en alquiler

The PH has two floors (DUPLEX), it's comfortable, nice and very quiet (no street noise). It is located in the vibrant and bohemian neighbourhood of Abasto/Almagro, just around the house renown tango icon Carlos Gardel.
It's a quaint APARTMENT with a FULL KITCHEN with refrigerator, freezer, toaster, oven, microwave and coffee machine. A nice & cosy LIVING-ROOM with a couch, a table, chairs, cable TV, DVD, stove, and air conditioning. You can eat, read or watch TV. Two brand-new sylish BATHROOMS equipped with showers. There is also a COVER PATIO with air conditioning full of vegetation.
The services included in the rent are: Water, Gas, Electricity, Heating, WI FI, DVD and free telephone to locals.
bedding are included




It's 5 blocks from Centro Cultural Konex (Bomba de Tiempo), 2 blocks from "Teatro Ciego" (blind teathre) and 3 blocks from Abasto Shopping.
At night you can walk to the heart of Almagro where the bohemian bars are ("Ladran Sancho", "Imaginario cultural", "Guardia la Vieja" and more). Also you can also find the tango places called Milongas ("La Catedral", "CAFF", "Almagro Tango Club", and more)
It has a great culinary OFFERING, from Argentina typical food to peruvian and jewish one.

Abasto is really near from numerous popular neighbours (Palermo, San Telmo, Villa Crespo, and more) and from important touristic points (Obelisco, "Teatro Colon", between others).
If you want to go to Palermo you just have to take the Subway Line D (6 blocks) or take the bus in Cordoba Av. or Pueyrredon Av. (3 blocks). Just take 5 minutes!! You can also get to Villa Crespo taking Subway B line, 2 blocks from de PH. If you take subway line A in Rivadavia Av. (6 blocks) you can also go to San Telmo or to the Obelisco.
In the surroundings you have several Universities such as the Universidad de Palermo and the Universidad de Buenos Aires.


The place is actually connected in each way you can possibly dream of, because:

5 of the most important Avenues of Capital Federal surround the PH. And in each Avenue you have the most important subways that connect the whole city.
You have Pueyrredon Av. with the subway H line PUEYRREDON station (3 blocks), Corrientes Av. with the subway B line PUEYRREDON station (3 blocks), Cordoba Av. (4 blocks), Santa Fe Av. with the subway D line PUEYRREDON station (6 blocks) and Rivadavia Av. with the subway A line PLAZA ONCE station (6 blocks)
It is also walking distance from the ONCE train station and close to many buses stops (29, 62, 132, 41, 118, 64, 68, 124, 168, 71, 24, 26, and more).
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